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  • Remigrator 2021-03-20 03:43:14

    Where can I download xDroid 6.0 Beta 2? I need it to run the latest Linux Kernel with it. I tried for hours to register with baidonet and cloud.189 but without a chinese mobile number it is impossible. I need to download xDroidInstall_x86_64_62003 ... thx

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    2021-07-04 21:17:55Remigrator

    Thanks for finishing 6.x of xDroid, it runs like a charme :) The only problem I have, is that it installed in Mandarin for some reason and I cannot find an option to set it to English. Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Robby

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    2021-04-04 17:47:16Remigrator

    Thank you so much !!

  • 麟卓施洋

    2021-03-23 14:49:09麟卓施洋

    please download xDroid by https://d3.injdk.cn/xDroid/xDroidInstall-x86_64-v6.2003-20210319143610.tar.gz